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Magnetic Calendar, Chore Chart & Chalkboard For Fridge

Updated: May 14, 2021

MYORGANIZA Wet/Dry Erase Magnetic Blackboards for Fridge – 5 Neon Colored Pens – Big Family 3-in-1 Organizer – New Stain Free Film – 17”x12” Calendar Planner, Weekly Chore Chart, 9”x12” Blank Black Board


Bundle set of magnetic monthly planner for refrigerator, chore chart for multiple kids and blank chalkboard + 5 neon colored liquid chalk markers. Made simple for big families. Click to get yours here!

MYORGANIZA Magnetic Fridge Calendar, Chore Chart & Chalkboard Family Set


6 Full Weeks Calendar Planner - so you can write everything down from 1st to the 31st - without missing a meeting, appointment, practice, project deadline, or important event.


Zero Excuse Weekly Chore Chart based on rewards-based flow psychology - approved by parents and optimized by experts. Has ‘just the optimized spaces’ you need to get it all out of your head, and onto their do-do list. Can also be doubled as a meal prep planner.


Small Blank Black Board that can be a message notepad, grocery list, to do list or even a drawing board for that active little mind that won’t let you finish making dinner.


Fine tip 1mm magnetic markers made for good grip and easy writing. Neon colored so what you wrote stays bright and clear. Easily wipes 100% clean and stay stain free for years even after you have to leave your child’s red marker drawing up for months so feelings aren’t hurt. Comes in five colors - white, green, pink, orange and blue.

Get your sanity saver refrigerator family organizer pack here.

Think it. Plan it. Use it.

You are going to LOVE it!

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